Bakkie Lining

Bakkie Lining

Bakkie Bin Linings are a vital accessory for any bakkie. Whether you use your vehicle for work or play, bakkie linings provide you with a multitude of protection benefits. We offer a variety of bakkie linings from our standard bakkie lining to our incredibly tough and durable Krypton Cote bakkie linings. The premier Krypton Cote lining that we offer is waterproof and has been specifically designed for vehicles carrying destructive loads. Not only do bakkie linings protect your vehicles load and loadbox, it works as a sound barrier, reducing the noise of the roads.

Our bakkie linings are utilised in a comprehensive range of applications. Some of the lining applications include:
• Water proofing of vehicle roofs and tanks
• Corrosion resistant linings
• Abrasion resistant linings

Bakkie lining protects your bakkie and enhances its future resale value. It is unfortunate that many harmful urban myths also exist about lining for the bakkie, such as it being the cause of rust in the bakkie. This is a fallacy and believing such misconceptions rob many people of the benefits that this technology offers. Some of the benefits that bakkie lining offers include making the bakkie resistant to chemical products. The lining is resistant to salt water, corroding agents, non-oxidising acids, sea and pool water and chlorine.


We offer you superior Polyurethane bakkie linings. This exceptional product has been designed to protect the load-bin of your bakkie. If you use your bakkie for play, work or fun, we have the protective bin lining to suit your specific requirements. If you carry a heavy and valuable load, our Krypton Cote lining is superlatively strong and bombproof. From standard bakkie linings to durable and indestructible bakkie linings, we have the ideal product you require. Not only does our lining work as a protective shield, it has the ability to work as a sound barrier, reducing the frustrating road noise that comes with a long journey.

Ourbakkie linings> are used in a variety of applications from water proofing of roofs to abrasion resistant linings for industry. Whatever you bakkie lining requirements, we have the solution.

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